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The music and poetry of Daniel Irigoyen are a leap into the sky, although in the attempt his wings burn like those of Icarus. Like in the Gilgamesch, he first goes down to the world of the dead, after which he appears like a medieval condemned in the Dante´s purgatorio, finding at last in the sky his Beatrice. His message speak to us about the "Nomadism of the 21th century", and the substance of his music journeys impregnated with the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, with the 22 arcans of the Tarot and with the bio-cosmic mass of "Amerindia", plus the "Aché" that the Bata drums carry, that "Chango" likes so much. Shiva protects him, whiledancing the dance of life in the center of the universe, that is in each one of our hearts.With his voise, that has the chromatic variations of the deep cello of a chamber quartet, he was chosen to have the previlege, for this time, to represent with his songs the human race.
Edgar Plata (Colombia)

Daniel Irigoyen was born in Buenos Aires where he started his musical carer as drummer, percussionist, and singer/songwriter at the end of the sixties. At that time he was one of the pioneers of "Rock Nacional", the first rock music movement worldwide using Spanish lyrics. He finally flew the military dictatorship of his country; travelling the world before settling down in Hamburg. The most important and impulse-setting element in his way of singing is rhythm. His musical repertoire extends from "Argentinian Rock", Funk, Jazz to Ethno and Latin-Fusion.

He has played, recorded or shared the stage with:

Hugo Fattoruso, Otmaro Ruiz, Sandro, Litto Nebbia, Thomas Anders, Joe Bataan, Quique Sinesi, Cesar Franov, Norberto "Pappo" Napolitano, Quique Alvarado, Tito Larregui, Leandro Saint Hill, Omar Rodriguez Calvo, Charly Kingson, Mitch Rider, Goetz Steeger, André Rebstock, Volker Griepenstroh, Daniel Moreno, Dom Um Romao, Jorjao Barretto, Teo Lima, Sizao Machado, Alex Acuña, Freddie Santiago, Ismael Ivo, Marianne Rosenberg, Ken Taylor, Sebastian Rätter, Gustavo Gregorio, Wolf Biermann, Ann Sexton, Gloria Scott, The Trammps, Gwen McCrae, The Supremes, Leon Ware, Roachford, Max Mutzke, Omar, Steve Winwood (Support-LatinCrossings) ..

Journey of life
End of the 60´s and The 70´s

> Being the singer of LOS MENTALES in Buenos Aires, produce 2 singles for RCA Victor with compositions by co-producer Litto Nebbia and Daniel Irigoyen.

> Daniel is rewarded "best vocalist" at the "Festival de la Música Beat", an event that is broadcast by television from the National Theatre in Buenos Aires.

National Theatre of Buenos Aires on Corrientes Street - Daniel Irigoyen © Miguel Grinberg Archivo - 1969

> Travelling through Europa. Spending time in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London and Sicily. His path leads him to the United States - directly to the Bronx where he experiences afro-latino rythms. Return to Buenos Aires, but leaving once again after a short time due to fear of becoming one of the "desaparecidos" of the military dictatorship.
> He settles down in Hamburg, Germany, and starts work as a free lance musician.

> Publishes his first booklet of poems and prose PULSACIONES A LA PUERTA DEL HOMBRE (Pulsations at the Door of Mankind). Verlag Claridad © HH 1979 .

The 80´s Live Acts

> Percussionist of FUNKHOUSE, a Jazz formation led by Afro-Jamaican bass player Charly Kingson, together with Dirk Dhonau (Drums), Karsten Glinski (Sax), Marcus Froehlich and Ingo Ahmels (Keyboards).

> Front-Man (Vocals, Lyrics, Percussion) of the Hard-Rock Band ZORRO, together with Wilbert Hirsch (Guitar), Balthasar Schramm (Keyboards), Dieter Buettwer (Lead Guitar), Manfred Knauff (Bass) and Goetz Steeger (Drums).

Zorro: Goetz Steeger, Manfred Knauff , Daniel Irigoyen, Wilbert Hirsch at Alster Studios in Hamburg © 1981

> Daniel Irigoyen forms his first acustic Quartett BANDA ILUMINADA together with Goetz Steeger (Marimbaphone), Hank Peter Trede (Guitar) and Manfred Knauff (bass).

> After touring Germany with the UNITED NATIONS JAZZ ROCK & LYRIC ORCHESTRA (UNO) led by guitarist André Rebstock (pioneer among the german Multi-Kulti Jazzers) a record was produced in Hannover (Daniel was responsible for Percussion, Vocals, Lyrics) together with Audrey Mothaung, (South Africa), Suna Wölk (Turkey), Ulli Simon (Chili), Susanne Bottlinger (BRD), Karin Tschamper (BRD) and Renate Fresow (BRD): Vocal ensemble and Volker Griepenstroh (Piano, Synthe), Kurt Billker (Christoph Spendel)(Drums), Goetz Steeger (Marimbaphon), Lemmi Kirtschning (Bass), Ulli Simon (Charango, Quena), Ingo Erloff (Sax, Clarinette) and Peter Hantke (Bass).Cantaremos Venceremos combines a touch of latin american folk music in the introduction with the sound of international percussions, lyrics in Spanish, German and Bantu language Xhosa as well as elements of modern western pop music.

> Singer, songwriter and Percussionist with CHILAM BALAM, a Jazz-Rock Quartett, together with Goetz Steeger (Drums & Marimbaphon) (Goetzen), Volker Griepenstroh (Piano & Keyboards) (Rio Reiser) and Michael Heyer (Bass) (Thyl). The group contributed considerably to Hamburg´s evolving underground scene, particularly through the virtuosity of its musicians. (Video and LP, Studio and Live in Onkel Poe´s Carnegy Hall, Hamburg).


> NDR (North German Radio Station) Studio Production with André Rebstock, Volker Griepenstroh and others. Various Studio Film Productions as Percussionist with Wilbert Hirsch.

> Studio Percussionist with FELIX DE LUXE. (Michy Reincke, Franz Plasa, Joern Brandenburg, Martin Langer and Juergen Attig).

Die Tricks Des Glücks - CD, 1985, Polydor / Camalote: Brisas - Flipper – B-4214 Lp © 1986

> Berlin: Daniel (singer, lyrics, percussion) together with Topo Gioia (Percussion) (Rias Big Band Berlin, James Newton), Guilherme Castro (Bass) (Hendrik Meurkens), Joerg Behr (Keyb.), Ricardo Brog (Drums), Omar Dubrosky (Guitar) and Ahmed Chouraqui (Lead Guitar), form the band CAMALOTE, which is strongly influenced by afro-cuban rythms and puts special emphasis on impressive live-performances. They tour Germany several times and win-among other things - a Festival prize at the WDR (West German Radio Station). The success of the group culminates in the recording of an LP. (Brisas)

Singen with CAMALOTE - Sky Channel Berlin © 1985

> Percussionist with the group ORFEO from Hannover. Playing contemprorary Latin-Jazz. The group is led by the Italian Singer Isabella Celentano und the Guitarist Detlev Kraatz. Further members are Juergen Attig and Lem Kirtschning (Bass), Oliver Gross (Keyboards) and Thomas Altman (Drums). The group is presented at several Jazz Festivals and tour all the well known Jazz Clubs in south Germany.

> Percussionist for the internationally known Folk Group LOS PARAGUAYOS, touring Germany, Austria, Italy and Africa (Maputo) Mozambique.

> Daniel Irigoyen wins First Prize at the Latin Percussion Conga Drumming Contest in Hannover, judged by Alex Acuña and Freddie Santiago.

Daniel Irigoyen
and Alex Acuña - Pro Percussion Center Hannover © 1987

> Music and part in a black and white movie NOCTURNO, directed by José Boutier Arce (1953-1993).

> Daniel wins First Prize at the Latin Percussion Multipercussion Contest in Hamburg, judged by Alex Acuña.

> JAM SESSIONS with Alex Acuña, Freddie Santiago, Dom Um Romao, with the Band of Djavan: Jorjao Barretto, Teo Lima und Sizao Machado.

Djavan, Daniel Irigoyen and Teo Lima - Hamburg © 1988

Jamm in Tropical Brasil Hamburg with the Djavan Band © 1988

Recording session with Litto Nebbia (National Hero), Cesar Franov (bass) and Quique Sinesi (guitar) (Dino Saluzzi, Pablo Ziegler) in Studios Del Nuevo Mundo, Buenos Aires.

> Touring Germany, Austria and Denmark as percussionist with the famous brazilian dancer and choreographer ISMAEL IVO and his work PHOENIX. Fellow musicians: Topo Gioia (Percussion), Gilson de Asis (Perc.), Lars Stroschen (Piano and experimental electronics) and Ulli Bartel (Violin).

Daniel Irigoyen & Ismael Ivo - Salzburg © 1989

The 90´s Live Acts

> Percussionist for the international band ARTICULATION. (Pop-Jazz a la George Duke, Al Jarreau, American Groove).

> Percussionist at the Institute for Dance Therapy in Hamburg.

> Percussionist for THOMAS ANDERS (MODERN TALKING) on their tour across Lithuania and Russia. Highlight: 4 concerts at the Olympic Hall in Moscow.

> Percussionist for the African Pop-Band SOULFUL DYNAMICS.

> Writer and member of the editor´s office of the Drum magazin RIMSHOT.


> Drummer for the multi-cultural CARIBBEAN UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA, Hamburg.

> Percussionist for saxophone player RICHARD WESTER and his project RED INDIAN SUITE. Chris Evans (Drums), Wolf Kerschek (Keyboards) and others.

> Drummer for the Latin-Jazz Quartett SELVA.

> Percussionist: Congas / Timbales, etc for the Berlin Fusion Band BAJAZZO

> Several concerts as percussionist with German Superstar MARIANNE ROSENBERG.

> Percussionist and Drummer with the Chilenian Singer PATRICIA SALAS.

> Presentation of his project IRIGOYEN CRIOLLO BAND (The Latino Funk Society) Daniel (Drums & Vocals), Steve Schenk (guitar), Jan Klaas heinsohn (sax), Detlev Seedig (bass) and Andreas Keltner (Keyb.) THE LATINO FUNK SOCIETY in various clubs.

> Recording session at the studios of the NDR (North German Radio Station) with the Fusion Band SELVA. Further musicians: Leandro Saint-Hill (Saxs/flute) and Omar Rodriguez Calvo (bass) from Cuba.

> Publication of his CD CUIDANDO LA MEMORIA (Taking Care of the Memory) Aliado records.

> Several Concerts as drummer with the Quartett SELVA and the Brasilian groups SAMBAHIA and BRASIL E PANDEIRO (Mpb).

> The DANIEL IRIGOYEN ENSEMBLE is invited to play at the West Port Jazz Festival in Hamburg: the Argentinian Guitar Player Ilan Levanon, the Brazilian Keyboard Player Don Pi (ex Djavan, Maria Bethania, Herbie Mann), the German Percussionist Ulrike Herzog, as well as Leandro Saint Hill (Saxophone/Flute): (Tony Martinez, Gonzalo Rubalcaba) and Omar Rodriguez Calvo (Bass) (Tingvall Trio, Pablo Milanes, Ramón Valle) from Cuba.
Daniel Irigoyen Ensemble was presented as support group for the Latin Crossings Project led by STEVE WINWOOD, TITO PUENTE and ARTURO SANDOVAL, accompanied by Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Otmaro Ruiz, Oscar Cartaya, Ed Calle, Manuel Egui Castrillo and Tommy Anthony.

> Studio Percussionist with the german singer and writer WOLF BIERMANN (Paradies üff Erden) (Voc. Guitar & Piano) together with Klaus Gutjahr (Bandoneón), Ilan Levanon (Guitar), Omar Rodriguez Calvo (Acoustic Bass).

The 2000´s Live Acts

> Despite intensive work on new material for a new CD production & workshops in latinamerican percussion, the ENSEMBLE performed in numerous Clubs, occasionally accompanied by different soloists.

> Percussionist for the Argentine MISA CRIOLLA & NAVIDAD NUESTRA from Ariel Ramirez with the german Vocal-ensemble St.Marien, Piotr Kusiewicz (Tenor) & Leszek Skrla (Bariton), directed by Joachim Nee. Further musicians: Samuel Castillo (Guitar) (Perú) Hugo Leyton (Charango & Guitar)(Chile) Hernando Loayza (Quena & Zampoñas) (Perú) Karin Werner (Piano & Cembalo) Daniel Irigoyen (Bombo leguero & Cajón)

> Drummmer and perucussionist with the Latin Jazz Quartett Selva at the interkulturelles festival "eigenarten" in Hamburg.

> Percussionist on Tour with Nilüfer Akbal.

> Daniel published his second book of prose in Spanish "JUST A STEP FROM THE SKY - CONFESSIONS OF A SURVIVOR"
Lulu editions.

> Daniel produces and publishes his second work of songs sung in Spanish DANGEROUS DREAMS for Mulatina Records with special guests such as the Uruguayan pianist Hugo Fattoruso, Venezuelan pianist Otmaro Ruiz, Litto Nebbia, Leandro Saint Hill, Daniel Messina, Gustavo Gregorio and Omar Rodríguez Calvo among others.

> Percussionist and member of the band of new yorks latin soul king, Joe Bataan.

Percussion with JOE BATAAN BAND at Baltic Soul Weekender - Modern Soul Floor © 2011

> Percussionist with The Baltic Soul Orchestra, berlin's 18 musicians band, formed specifically to accompany the repertoire of original American artists specialized in soul such as Gwen McCrae, Ann Sexton, Gloria Scott, Marc Evans and The Trammps.

Percussion with The Baltic Soul Orchestra and the fabulous Marc Evans.

And here enjoying with the sensual Gwen McCrae.

> Contribution as a percussionist in the SAINT-HILL COLLECTIVE production - Son my soul by the Cuban saxophonist Leandro Saint-Hill - Che! Records 2011
> In 2012 (he is) again invited to participate as a percussionist with the Baltic Soul Orchestra, this time to join the legendary The Supremes, Leon Ware, Sugarhill Gang, Roachford and Omar.

Songwriter Leon Ware (Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, The Jackson Five) - 2012 Photo © by B Irigoyen - with the Supremes

> He returned to Buenos Aires after two long decades of absence, having the opportunity to share the stage with the Volpini Fusion Trio, formed by Daniel Volpini (Drums), Guillermo Marigliano (Guitar), and Gonzalo Aldás (Bass)

> Daniel is currently working on the elaboration of new material of songs which will be part of his next album.

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