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Early 70´s Rare Original Argentine Rock Band

This Argentine band played at the Festival Pinap, 1969
(the country's first big rock event) and at the first B.A Rock Festival, 1970
Produce 2 singles for RCA Victor with compositions by co-producer Litto Nebbia
and Daniel Irigoyen. Their debut single was produced by Litto Nebbia (of Los Gatos)
was a good effort, with a good beat guitar sound and Irigoyen's voice.
The second single was rockier with Irigoyen´s compositions.
The single A-side was released on a various artists CD.

Biscione and Alvarado were later in FE.
Rodriguez later played in SUI GENERIS and POLIFEMO
and Irigoyen went to Europe.


Daniel Irigoyen: Voz, Guitar
Quique Alvarado: organ, bass
Juan Rodriguez: Drums
Rubén Biscione: Guitar
Gualter Fermín: Bass

Próximamente Álbum
con la Música de Los Mentales
con Booklet Special Grafic Edition


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